DOXA Signature Courses

We are confident that the programs created by DOXA Solutions will upgrade the workforce for both public and private sectors. We constantly provide our clients with learning opportunities to boost productivity, enhance innovation to increase profitability, and deliver knowledge and skills.

  1. KPI: Measure what Matters
    (Niche: Secrets to Developing Effective KPIs)
  2. Competency and Behavioural Based Interviewing
    (Niche: Using BEI techniques in interviewing candidate)
  3. Best Fitting the Best Talent
    (Niche: How to match candidates based on talent and best fit)
  4. Competency Based Approach to Training Needs Analysis
    (Niche: Competency Model in Training Needs Analysis)
  5. Performance Management, Monitoring and Appraisal Skills
    (Niche: Addresses the negative view of Performance-based Management)
  6. Handling Absenteeism Proactively
    (Niche: Handling Misconduct, Non-Performer & Dismissal)
  7. A Practical Approach to Measuring & Reporting Training Effectiveness
    (Niche: Training Needs Analysis for Effective Training Implementation)
  8. Interviewing Skills for Non-HR Personnel
    (Niche: HR for Non-HR Managers)
  9. Carrying Out a Retrenchment Exercise
    (Niche: Covers all the legal and human aspects of planning and executing retrenchments)
  1. Relationship Selling
    (Niche: A consultative approach to Selling)
  2. Mastering the Art of Selling using NLP
    (Niche: Personality Selling Using NLP and the Enneagram to Understand People and How They Are Influenced)
  3. Power-Up Sales Presentation Skills
    (Niche: Using The 4C Method – Capture, Connect, Content, Conclude)
  4. Psychologically Enhanced Interpersonal Skills
    (Niche: this workshop teaches psychological tactics)
  5. Cross Cultural Communication for better Customer Service
    (Niche: Customer Support for International Market – A different approach)
  6. Customer Service Breakthrough
    (Niche: Go Beyond in Customer Support)
  7. Handling Difficult and Demanding Customers
    (Niche: 6-steps Problem Solving strategies in Customer Service)
  8. Customer Relationship Management — Art of Customer Retention
    (Niche: Application of concepts in customer loyalty & brand loyalty)
  9. Persuasive Presentation Skills
    (Niche: This workshop teaches you ‘hypnotic-tools’ to increase your effectiveness in giving presentations)
  1. Leadership at All Levels
    (Niche: Optimizing Leadership at Different Levels)
  2. Building High Performance Team
    (Niche: A Comprehensive Guide to Building High Performance Teams)
  3. Cross-Generation Engagement
    (Niche: How to Engage Employees from All 6 Generations)
  4. The Right Leadership Style for the Leaders of 21st Century
    (Niche: Right Techniques Employed by the Right Leader)
  5. Achieving Results Through Time Management (All levels)
    (Niche: A practical guide which staff at all levels will find of interest and value)
  6. Managing Generational Gaps in the Workplace
    (Niche: Methods to Close the Generational Gap and Find the Right Balance)
  7. The Critical and Creative Leader
    (Niche: Applicable Methods for Peak Performance)
  8. Decision-Making and Problem-Solving 6 Steps
    (Niche: The Married Couple that is Inseparable)
  9. Performance Improvement Plan
    (Niche: How to Establish an Effective Performance Improvement Plan)
  10. Situational Leadership Skills
    (Niche: Situational Leadership Theory (SLT) and its practical application)
  11. Essential Coaching Skills for Leaders
    (Niche: Mastery of Transformational Coaching)
  1. Being the Coloured Brain Communicator
    (Niche: Coloured Brain Cards)
  2. Communicate through Coloured Brain Identification & Emotional Drivers
    (Niche: Coloured Brain Cards)
  3. Developing Workplace Interaction & Interpersonal Skills
  4. From Conflict to Collaboration
  5. The Power of Effective Communication & Interpersonal Skills for Professional
  6. Towards 5-Star Communication Skills in Providing Excellent Service
  7. Fire Up Your Presentation Skills
    (Niche: How to Give an Effective, Impactful and Memorable Presentation)
  8. EQ Leadership using NLP-based tools
    (Niche: Transformational Leadership Via Emotional Intelligence)
  9. Emotional Intelligence - Excelling under Pressure
    (Niche: Coping Under Pressure: The Value of Emotional Control)
  10. Emotional and Intelligence Quotients (EQ and IQ) at Work
    (Niche: Which One Is More Important?)
  11. Sharpening the EQ using NLP (Expanded Version)
    (Niche: Effective Hacks to Sharpen Your Emotional Intelligence)
  12. Psychologically Enhanced Interpersonal Skills
    (Niche: Psychological Methods to Interpersonal Effectiveness)
  13. Persuasive Communication at Work
    (Niche: Engage Your Audience using NLP Strategies)
  14. Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Skills Using a Psychological Approach
    (Niche: This workshop uses a psychological approach that is fun yet effective)
  15. Time and Stress Management: A Bi-Brain Approach
    (Niche: This workshop uses the Left-Brain Right-Brain methodology)
  1. Analytical & Critical Thinking Skills
  2. Box Breaking Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills
  3. Critical Thinking & Analytical Skills for Financial Institutions
  4. Critical Thinking & Decision Making
  5. Innovation and Creativity for Better Performance
  6. Mind Mapping Techniques — Enhance Your Thinking Skills
  7. Problem Solving & Decision Making
  8. Synergized Problem Solving Using Analytical & Creative Thinking
  1. Corporate Grooming, Protocol & Business Etiquette for Professionals
  2. Email Etiquette & Business Writing
  3. English for Email
  4. Grammar as a Powerful Tool
  5. Power Phone Image at Front Desk
  6. Telephone Techniques that Win Customers
  7. Effective & Constructive E-Mail Writing
  8. Effective English Business Writing Skill for Professionals
  9. Effective Email Writing for Debt Collection
  10. Effective Report Writing for Business Matters
  11. Basic Business English Communication
  12. Best Business Grammar & Proofreading Skills Training
  13. English Communication Essentials for Business
  14. English Communication Skills at Workplace
  1. Clerical Development Program
  2. Effective Secretarial and Office Management
  3. Evolution of the Office Administration
  4. Secretaries Week Special
  1. Handling Difficult and Demanding Customers
  2. The Powerful Receptionist
  3. Servicing at Call Centres
  4. Telephone Techniques that Win Customers
  1. Team-Building / Team Working Courses
    (Niche: Group Training for different levels are available)
  2. Start-It-Right (Mini Lunch Break Series)
    (Niche: Induction Programs for Newcomers)
  3. Women Empowerment Programs
    (Niche: For Mompreneurs, Women Entrepreneurs, Start Ups)
  4. Coaching / Train the Trainer
    (Niche: One to One sessions are available)
  5. HR Consulting Services
    (Niche: Training Needs Analysis, In-House Programs for a department)
  6. Business Consulting Services
    (Niche: PR Related Solutions, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, etc.)

Lunch & Learn serves as a platform for employees to gather together to learn over lunch. Such sessions make excellent use of time in creating an open channel for learning and sharing. The Personal Mastery and People Mastery series enable participants to have greater self-awareness of own attitude, needs, desires and habits. The more one knows about themselves, the better the ability to understand, adapt and respond to their own needs and the needs of others

In these two-hour / half-day sessions, employees should be able to achieve the following:

  • Networking with better transparency and understanding of one another
  • Higher self-awareness and keeping a positive attitude
  • Enhance team communication, teamwork and bonding
  • Appreciate self, others and the organization
  • Create a culture of continuous learning and growth.

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