DOXA SOLUTIONS is a training consultancy firm that provides timely and accurate developmental programs to all small, medium and large corporations. We are committed to deliver the best programs that not only match the needs of our clients, but create value for the development of Human Capital in Malaysia.

Why DOXA? Driven, Original, Xtra, Affordable

We cover vast corporate training with multiple enrichment programs. 


In all we do, we are driven to deliver excellence. All courses are designed to impart value to your business; in both the tangible and intangible.


One size does not fit all. Customization is key. That is why we always tailor-make our programs and services to meet your business needs.


We will go the extra mile with you. We work on opportunities that will take our services to the next level while upgrading you when you learn with us.


No hidden fees as we are transparent with our charges. It is possible to engage in quality programs without exceeding your training budget.


Quality Over Quantity

Solution Minded

Skill Enhancement

Continuous Growth

Personal Excellence

Process Enhancement

Self Governance


Our Services

We provide a wide range of training including Soft Skills Training, HR Management Programmes, Sales Training, NLP-related Courses and more

DOXA Solutions

"Those who are standing at the top of the mountain, did not suddenly appear there."


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For topic inquiries and in-house training arrangement, you can reach us at:.

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Selangor, Malaysia

(+60)12 297 5528

additional - 012-950-7600

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